Fast and flexible: FOBA’s new CO2-laser markers

High speed, highly variable material suitability, and flexible marking options are features of FOBAs new 10-Watt and 30-Watt laser marking systems C.0102 and C.0302.

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving has further optimized the capability of its CO2 laser markers. In response to increasing demands for marking quality and speed, FOBA introduces 10 and 30-Watt lasers that mark a broad range of materials with highly variable contents. Over 20,000 available system configurations with three different optional wavelengths make the innovative FOBA CO2-laser markers C.0102 and C.0302 extremely versatile.

Easy-to-use mechanical components like detachable umbilical cables in different lengths allow for a smooth set-up within existing production facilities. Even in the toughest manufacturing environments, the laser head is safely protected against dust and humidity due to its IP65/IP54 cover and a powerful fume extraction unit.

The marking field size has been enlarged to a maximum size of 32.2 x 41.9 inches (600 x 440 millimeters), which is an unparalleled feature. Another distinguishing advantage is that the marking speed has been increased to 2000 characters or up to 900 meters (3000 feet) per minute. Therefore, FOBA’s C.0102/C.0302 systems are among the most efficient CO2 marking lasers, even compared to leading 60 Watt laser markers found on the market. 

The fact that they require little maintenance, only a few consumables, boast a long life span of the air-cooled laser beam source, and provide pinpoint adjustable energy settings, also contribute to highly economic marking. 

FOBA’s new C-Series CO2-laser markers are most appropriate for plastic part marking, in the packaging or electronic industries, but also for metal part processing. The constant further development and optimization of FOBA’s laser systems is driven by and based on decades of close cooperation between FOBA’s research and development team with international customers from various industries.

Plastic auto cuff, lasermarked with CO2-laser


PC-board/printed circuit board