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Brake Disc – Inaccurately Placed but Precisely Laser Marked

[Translate to English:] Mit einem Faserlaser markierte Bremsscheibe

FOBA’s MarkUS 2.12 laser marking software eliminates the need for product fixtures in the marking field. This not only means great savings in terms of material, but also increased flexibility and safety in the application. In the case of an inaccurate or changed position of the component, the marking laser aligns the codes accurately. The production speed increases and marking errors are prevented.

The video shows that thanks to the integrated camera in the laser system, the software first identifies the component based on its body edges and other appropriate geometry features. The camera then detects the exact position of the brake disc using the full-field image of the marking field. Even after deviating positioning before each new marking process, the mark is applied exactly at the intended location on the surface of the brake disc.