Laser Marking on Titanium –Sometimes like a Rainbow

Annealing marking on titanium is usually black, but a fiber laser can also create color marks.

Farbige Laserbeschriftung auf Titan (Anlassbeschriftung)

Titanium is a high-quality material that is used in (dental) medical technology for implants, in the automotive sector for screws or valves, and for many other applications. It is usually marked in black by laser annealing, while colored laser markings are possible but less durable.

Another marking procedure on titanium is laser engraving, as well as marking by removing the anodized layer. In any case, codes and characters even in a height of only a few millimeters can be created, providing high contrast and legibility on the smallest areas.

Colored laser annealing on titanium often serves to better distinguish different parts of the same type or can be for decorative purposes. We prepared a titanium plate with laser annealing in all rainbow colors for the FOBA sample case to demonstrate which color effects are possible.

In most cases we use the FOBA Y.0201 fiber laser with the Sirius lighting system for this material, because the better the illumination of the parts to be labeled, the more precisely the integrated camera can align the postion of the mark.