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Ceramics – Delicate to Mark

Ceramic is a material that needs to be highly resistant against wear or temperature changes, especially in industrial applications. When hardness increases, the substrate becomes more sensitive against mechanical impact, which might lead to damages and a loss in quality. For that reason it is essential to avoid micro cracks during the marking process.

The material is utilized for electronic components, e. g. semiconductor boards, for medical implants or for commonly used tableware or sanitary objects. The parts are often varnished or coated.

The benefits of using laser engraving is that it is non-contact, flexible in content creation and results in very fine and sharply contoured marks. Depending on the special characteristics of the material, the appropriate laser parameters must be individually selected. For color effects it is possible to additionally lasermark the engraved areas. Fiber lasers as well as UV-lasers are suitable marking systems for engraving ceramics.