Over 50% smaller and lighter: FOBA presents the next generation of UV lasers at MedtecLIVE

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving will be showcasing the latest product from the FOBA portfolio at MedtecLIVE (18-20 June 2024) in Stuttgart. The laser system is available in two wavelengths - UV and green - and is particularly suitable for markings on plastic.    

"We were able to reduce the size and weight of our UV and green laser marking system by over 50%," reports Philipp Febel, Director Product Strategy & Customer Experience. "This has made line integration significantly easier and the marking laser also fits into FOBA's M1000, M2000 and M3000 marking workstations."  The UV and green lasers - FOBA V.0042-uv, V.0102-gn - offer the latest technology in a compact design, making them a real alternative to replace other technologies such as CIJ, label and pad printing with laser technology. The laser is available in two wavelengths and is suitable for marking most plastics. Visitors to the trade fair can see the marking quality for themselves live on site at the FOBA stand in Hall 1, Stand 408, and get advice from FOBA's experts.

As part of the “Ihre Mannschaft für die Medizintechnik” ("Your team for medical technology") production line, FOBA will also demonstrate the steps required before a medical device can be delivered in a kind of "scavenger hunt". Nine companies are part of the “Ihre Mannschaft für die Medizintechnik” campaign and recreate a production process that visitors can follow. From component production to cleaning, labelling, passivation and packaging, visitors can visit stations to collect a prize at the end, which is entirely in keeping with the European Football Championships taking place at the same time.

"We have adapted the concept of the production line from previous years and created a completely new experience for trade fair visitors," says Christian Söhner, FOBA's Global Vertical Manager Medical, who came up with the idea for the production line on the trade fair advisory board.

Laser marking is one of the last steps in the production process and it must be ensured that there are no costly incorrect markings. This is where FOBA's camera-based marking systems come into play, ensuring a reliable and UDI-compliant process.

Individual appointments for a demonstration at the FOBA stand can be requested at

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving